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A Solid ground—

Our foundation phase atKokstad Junior School has unmatched facilities and a tremendous amount of emphasis is placed on preparing our "little ones" to face the challenges of life to come. Our class sizes are realistic and each child is regarded as an individual with special needs. Our teachers, with
experience and dedication, take special care with each pupil entrusted to them during these impressionable years. We therefore believe our pupils develop into happy, confident, independent young people with a solid, sound learning base in all areas of the


One of the family—

Foundation phase pupils participate in all Kokstad Junior School events, including sporting programmes, assemblies, drama productions and their own yearend Presentation Day.


Cyber World—

Foundation phase pupils progressively learn computer and research skills , by being exposed to our exciting computer programmes and our very own "treasure trove" of library books. Our pupils all tend Technology classes where they explore many different areas, from wood work to building structures , shoes and tables as they get older, thus contributing to the development of their creative brain.


Smaller Competitors–

Although our foundation phase pupils are encouraged to participate in sport, there is no pressure placed on them in this respect. Our dedicated sports instructor introduces each new sporting discipline during their P.T. lessons and the desire to participate in afternoon team sport is awakened here. Many of our "smaller competitors" can be seen at Inter-School encounters thoroughly enjoying themselves

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